One Woman

JUNE, 2017

The first female friendly car market making it safe and easy.

UI UX, Design, Development, Branding

One Woman Owner

Overview is a platform for users to buy used as well as new cars in UK. Users can search Cars in their area using UK Postcodes. The results are the Car Adverts created by General Users or Dealers in the website.


Users can Login / Register as an Independent Dealer and create advertisement for their Car/s.

  • Register using Email Account / Facebook;
  • Search Vehicles’ Information using the Registration Number;  
  • Verify the vehicle;
  • Add additional Information;
  • Choose Images for your advert;
  • Post the advert. It is free for first three months of advert creation. After that, the owners charge £5.00 to re-activate the expired advert.

The website uses an API from Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to obtain information of a vehicle based on the registration number provided by the user. This ensures the information entered by the users when creating an advertisement is valid.

The website has more than 1500 Brands and Model info for users to be able to search their preferred car more efficiently.


One Woman <br> Owner



APRIL, 2016

Site offering daily cash prize draws - Easy and FREE to enter.